1.    AG. Animal Guardianship. Providing support for the sustainability of New Zealand endemic and native birds, reptiles and other animals in mainland island sanctuaries (eg Cape                       Sanctuary  Hawke’s Bay)

2     AG. Ancestry Genealogy. Involvement in research of Andre Geelen, his family tree and other aspects of the extended family and their history and archive retrieval. It also includes sharing           of resources and promoting and maintaining family relationships.

3    AG. Aging Gracefully . Providing health products for people as they age as well as care and programmes for people to successfully live at a more youthful biological age, rather than                their physical age.
4.   AG. Almighty God. As a Christian-based company it seeks to support basic Christian communities, Bible translation and mission work in its broadest sense. This support is through                  providing financial as well as other types of support in whatever capacity it can and not be limited to particular locations.


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